Support for reading

Step-by-Step Strategy:

  1. Choose a word that has clear synonyms and antonyms for students to discuss.
  2. Ask students to read material that includes the word to be discussed.
  3. After students have finished reading, display the Word Map. Enter the vocabulary word in the center oval of the graphic organizer.
  4. Conduct a group brainstorming session in which students identify and you insert the word’s definition, synonyms, and antonyms. Also ask students to suggest images or feelings that they associate with the word. Make sure students understand that images are creative responses and each reader may respond differently.
  5. Ask students to create Word Maps for at least five difficult words they encounter while reading the chapter or selection.

Differentiated Instruction: Lesson 1

  • Before struggling students begin to read, introduce the concept of a word map with a common vocabulary word they will recognize, such as child. Use the graphic organizer to work with them in identifying synonyms, antonyms, etc. Explain that they can use the same process to understand and learn words they do not already know.