AGO- Aim, Goals & Objectives


Focus on Purpose

  1. You can do something out of habit, because everyone else is doing it, or as a reaction to a situation. These are all ‘because’ reasons. But there are times when you do something ‘in order to’ achieve some purpose of objective.
  2. It can help your thinking if you know exactly what you are trying to achieve.
  3. It can also help you to understand other person’s thinking if you can see their objectives.
  4. In certain situations the words ‘aims’ and ‘goals’ are more appropriate than objectives, but the meaning is the same.
  • A salesperson is trying to sell you a used sports car. 
  • The salesperson’s point of view is to show you the great condition of the bodywork, how powerful the engine is, the new tires, how it suits you, what a good buy it is.
  • Your point of view is to see whether it has been in a crash, how much spare tires cost, how worn the parts are, how much fuel it uses, how it compares to other cars you have seen.