Some decisions are easy and some are difficult. There are decisions to be made all the time:

  • Which clothes to wear?
  • Which music to buy?
  • Whether to go out or not?
  • How to amuse yourself?
  • Which career to choose?
  • Whether to stay in a job or not?
  • Whether to go abroad?
  • Whether to spend money on something or to save it?


Sometimes the decision is a choice between alternatives.
Sometimes the decision is forced on you (e.g. when you come to a fork in the road and have to decide which road to take).

In making decisions it is useful to be clear about factors involved (CAF), the objectives (AGO), the priorities (FIP), the consequences (C&S), and of course the alternatives (APC).

  1. A police officer notices a strange light in a warehouse at night. He is on his own and he has to make a quick decision as to what he is going to do?
  2. A young man living at home with his widowed mother cannot find work in his own town but gets offered a job in another town quite far away. His mother says that she is too old to move and make new friends. He has to decide whether to take the job and leave his mother or refuse the job and stay at home.
  3. A girl has two boy friends; one of them is quiet and hardworking, the other is better looking and more fun but rather unreliable. Both want to marry her. She has to decide?
  4. Parents with a physically challenged child have to decide whether to send her to a special school or to an ordinary school.
  5. A politician has strong personal views about capital punishment. She is against such punishment. But she knows that the majority of her voters are  in favour of capital punishment. When she has to give her opinion in the Senate on this matter, what should she do?
  6. You are offered $100 dollars now or $200 dollars in a year’s time. How would you decide between the two? Explain the reasons behind your decisions. Do a C&S on both choices.
  7. A friend of yours has quarreled with the leader of the group you hang out with. This friend has dropped out of the group and wants you to drop out too. You have to decide whether to stay with the group or not. How do you decide?

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