C & S – Consequences &Sequel


The invention of the petrol engine made possible automobiles, airplanes, the oil industry and a great deal of pollution. If all the consequences could have been foreseen at the time, electric or steam engines might have been used in cars. A new invention, a plan, a rule or a decision all have consequences that go on for a long time. In thinking about an action, the consequences should always be considered:

  • Immediate consequences
  • Short-term consequences (1 – 5 years)
  • Medium – term consequences (5 – 25 year)
  • Long-term consequences (over 25 years)



  • A man introduced rabbits to Australia to provide hunting for his friends. The immediate consequences were good because his friends had plenty to shoot at.
  • The short-term consequences were also good because the rabbit provided an alternative source of meat.
  • The medium-term consequences were bad because the rabbit multiplied so much that it became a pest.
  • The long-term consequences were very bad because the rabbit spread all over Australia and did a great deal of damage to crops.

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